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Geplaatst door GoClixy Business Directory Software on 29-06-15
GoClixy - Most Trusted Application to Build Beautifully Designed Directories

Considering we live in an age where most people sit in front of their laptop and mobile to search for information, it is not surprising that more and more people rely on the Internet to reach their favorite restaurant and shopping mall. Due to high demand of these websites, many people are wondering how to start a business directory of their own. Business directories are not only for listing businesses, they are also an online revenue generating machines. It is easy to find directory software online, but to find one that suits your needs is a serious stuff.

Here at GoClixy, we help our customers to build a powerful, beautifully designed yellow pages directory.

GoClixy is the leading software platform for creating business directory with ease. In just a few clicks, an amazing nice business directory can be online that will generate a recurring revenue income for you.

GoClixy - Business directory script includes not only basic features like listing or category management but also includes advanced features such as bulk Emailing, Custom Fields, Database Backup, Qrcode generation and much more. By default, our application has two themes, each of them comes with five color schemes, and therefore, now it is easy to start a website with your favorite color. Our themes are fully responsive; your users will always have a great experience regardless of the platform they use to access your site.

GoClixy is easily the best when it comes to visuals. Images, videos—it’s all really easy for business owners to display this information on their company profile. And, there are many other options to reach more visitors. Visitors can also comment on a listing leaving business owners with more followers and a larger fanbase.

GoClixy provides a great platform to users if you’re looking to create more of a professional environment for business owners or visitors. GoClixy also featured an ecommerce feature—great if you’re trying to sell a membership to the business owners.

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